Literature Ministries

Our Mission:  To reach all people groups of the Arizona Conference
with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the printed page.

We have lay pastors in some of our small churches who are working part-time.  The Arizona Conference does not have enough money to hire them as full-time pastors.

We have devised a plan whereby they can work as Literature Evangelists to reach the second part of their salary and to help qualify for health benefits.

Requirement:  The lay pastor must sell a minimum of $1000 in inventory to qualify for health insurance.

If someone wants to be a full-time Literature Evangelist, that person must sell a minimum of $2000 in inventory per month.

Note:  We will incur no debt because the Arizona Conference will process the credit card orders for us.  All books sold are paid for up front.

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                     Jason Carlson
          Literature Evangelism Director                             

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