Literature Ministries






Anthony Baca



What is literature evangelism?

Student literature evangelism is working for Christ. We witness by personally visiting people in diverse communities and sharing Christ-focused books with them that will nurture and challenge them physically, mentally and spiritually. Meeting people at doors gives us incredible opportunities to touch lives.

What is a normal day like?

Youth work Sunday-Thursday for ten weeks during the summer. After brunch, worship, and training, students hit the streets, offering people books and community services, including Bible studies. Teams go out together, each with their own highly-trained leader. On our days off we relax, do laundry and have fun. Sabbaths are for resting with God and sharing our experiences with people.

Who can join?

You can . . . if you:

  • Love Jesus
  • Are 16 or older
  • Make a 10-week commitment
  • Work hard

Why spend the summer with Arizona Youth RUSH?

  1. It's an extreme spiritual boot camp. You and your team will be on the front lines. You can look forward to incredible experiences with God and growing in your leadership and people skills.
  2. You will earn a great scholarship, making school easier to pay for. The average student earns around $2,500 for the summer. Most SDA colleges match this by a certain percentage.
  3. Housing, transportation, and brunch at the program are provided free of charge in magabook programs.
  4. Two-way portable radios promote good organization and safety.
  5. Daily group activities provide spiritual fellowship and bonding with other students.
  6. A summer-end retreat gives you time with friends, to play, share and worship with other student LE's from all over.
  7. Bible workers and church members follow up all evangelistic interests so that spiritual seekers can find what they are looking for.


"[Before,] when I saw colporteurs and they talked about God, THEY JUST GLOWED, and I wanted that. This summer I was in the laundromat where we did our laundry on Friday and a lady asked what church we came from because WE JUST GLOWED."

"It's been awesome to be Christ to people at the door."

"God was there - a really spiritual atmosphere"

"There are many who would work if urged into service, and who would save their own souls by thus working."
-Ellen White